Children’s Drawing Project

Thanks to everyone who participated. Check out a few of the great submissions we received:

What do the children in your life think would make Three Lakes an even better community?

These days you see a lot of questions like that around town. Forward Three Lakes is a collaboration with the University of Wisconsin Extension Design Wisconsin program. Together we will determine how best to move into the future. Extension educators and volunteer design professionals will illustrate our shared vision for Three Lakes. Every member of the Three Lakes community can help.

Different people see different strengths and opportunities. Children see things many adults miss. Their perspective is often overlooked. To learn what our children need and hope for we invite them to draw their answer to a big question:

What will make Three Lakes an even better place to live?

Each participating Three Lakes child can receive a Lick-A-Dee Splitz kiddie cone coupon.

Ask your child what makes Three Lakes a good place to live. What would make it even better? After the child completes the drawing, ask what the child drew. Some possible features are listed on back.


  • Children entering grades 3 through 6 are invited to make a drawing.
  • The child may be a year round or seasonal resident.

Drawing Guidelines

  • The child may use any media.
  • Use standard office or other plain paper.
  • Use 8 ½ x 11 inch paper in horizontal (landscape) orientation.

How to submit a drawing in person

  • If possible, first pick up the survey form at Three Lakes Pharmacy during business hours.
  • Write the child’s name on the back of the drawing.
  • Attach the completed survey form to the drawing.
  • Submit the drawing at Three Lakes Pharmacy.

How to submit a drawing online

  • Photograph the drawing. Fill the frame. or Scan the drawing.
  • Go to
  • Upload the photo.
  • Respond to the drawing content checklist and other questions.

Drawings may be submitted until 1:00 p.m. on Saturday 5 September. By submitting a drawing you give Forward Three Lakes and Design Wisconsin permission to use the drawing for educational, informational, and promotional purposes. The drawing may be posted on the World Wide Web for a period of time. Artists will be anonymous.

Questions? Email